Why plasma

Why come to Dalian University of Technology and to the plasma physics

The university has a track record of providing a high-quality education. So far, over 50,000 graduates are working worldwide, who have earned an internationally acclaimed reputation for their university.  The feedbacks of employers show that they think very highly of the DUT graduates, they are knowledgeable, capable, creative, self-motivated, and hard working. The plasma physics is one of most best (also famous) subjects in the university; it is one of the best plasma physics subjects of all universities in China.

Top 10 reasons to choose the plasma physics  

1.   Satisfied students

Independent surveys have repeatedly shown that our undergraduates are some of the most satisfied students in China.

2.   Friendly folk

Starting university abroad can be daunting. But you can be sure of a warm welcome if you choose to join us. The Dalian university is well recognized as one of China’s friendliest university and we are proud of the sociable atmosphere on our campuses. You’ll feel at home in no time.  

3.   Employable graduates

Our alumni emerge with highly regarded qualifications at the end of their studies, and we have rates of graduate employability. 99% of our graduates from full-time Bachelors , Masters, and PhD degrees went into employment or further study within a year. Nearly half of our graduates from full-time Bachelors degree went into further study.

4.   Cosmopolitan community

Our campuses are culturally diverse, with students from more than 50 countries around world. You can enjoy multi –culture atmosphere on campuses. All sorts of activities are held by different unions, and ethnic groups throughout semesters; various kinds of tasty food are provided by numerous university-owned Canteens and pubs on campus and restaurants and pubs around the main campus.

5.   Attractive and convenient campuses

Our campuses offer outstanding learning environments in attractive surroundings. They provide a leafy, safe and inviting setting in which you can study, socialize and relax. We are continually investing in our campuses to ensure that we can provide state-of-the-art facilities and an excellent experience for our students.

6.   Ground-breaking research

The University has a long history of research excellence. The research in the plasma physics emerges recently one of most productive research subjects of its kind all over the China.  If you join us, you will be taught in a vibrant, research-informed environment, where our staff are pursuing new knowledge and where your thinking will be challenged.

7.   Excellence for entrepreneurs

We offer a range of opportunities to support you in gaining business skills and know-how for future employability, including student employability schemes and free elective modules in areas such as business, management and enterprise. Every student can access help with starting a business.


All new students are guaranteed a place in University -owned, -managed or -directed accommodation. Over the last five years we have invested over £24 million in refurbishing student accommodation.

8.   Excellent accommodation

All new students are guaranteed a place in University -owned, -managed or -directed accommodation, which is cheap and comfortable.

9.   Sporting opportunities

Sport is taken very seriously at DUT– from national sporting competitions to supporting many well-established clubs. On campus will find two state of the art indoor swimming pool and Sport and Fitness Centre, open seven days a week. Our outdoor sport field was recently furbished. Many other sporting facilities are available on

10. Excellent location

Dalian is a beautiful, historic big city full of vigor, sitting at the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, whose natural forested winding coastline is dotted with beaches to the east and south. Of its numerous attractions, its pleasant climate and fresh sea-food are most acclaimed. by both home and international visitors. Dalian University of Technology is located on a big stretch of quiet, scenery land in the west of the hectic downtown, from where students can easily access to historic sites, cultural places, entertainment centers, commercial sectors.